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Where Angels Fear To Tread

Where Angels Fear to Tread full Company

Kit Goldstein Grant's Where Angels Fear To Tread, was thoughtful, moving, and incredibly entertaining with its soaring ballads and hilarious character songs. What an amazing run of a wonderful show.

Choreographing this production was one of my favorite projects in years. There is something magical about creating in a black box space. When you are asking your audience to use their imagination that much to create an environment, it is truly liberating. I found myself taking risks in framing that I would definitely shy away from in a traditional proscenium setting, licensing my audience with the authority to define my space and fill in the gaps as if they were reading their favorite book.

The cast was terribly talented, and I could not have been more pleased with their smart interpretations. THML Theater Company has a fantastic season lined up for 2017-2018, and this was a strong start.

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