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I'm an Acrobat in Turandot at the Met!

I am so incredibly excited to join the cast of Turandot at the Metropolitan Opera this season. I got my new badge on Tuesday, and it is official!

 I can’t even lie, I have wanted to tumble across that stage since Aida, when I first set foot on it!  

The story of joining this cast is a journey unto itself. I originally applied to be an acrobat in Cosi Fan Tutti, starring Kelli O’Hara, because, who doesn’t want a do a show with Kelli O’Hara? It’s Kelli O-friggin-Hara!! Then I got the “Thank you for applying” email; the Met would be using contortionists for Cosi. A contortionist I AM NOT. They were, however, in need of a cover for an acrobat in Turandot, and wanted little old me to audition. I was not available. I was not available for the audition to make my debut as an acrobat at THE MET! Regretfully, I emailed them back and relayed this information. Of course I plead my case for a later audition time, blah blah blah. Again, I received the “thanks but…” turn down email. I am no quitter. I humbly emailed them back, thanked them for the opportunity, and sent along my acro reel for good measure. Low and behold! I was called in for a call back audition for a work through rehearsal at the Met, with the cast! Needless to say, mountains were moved (by that I mean my absurd schedule), and I made it to the audition. I have never had so much fun at an audition in my life! I got to tumble, leap, fight, and partner flip my heart out. I had not done partner acro in almost a decade, and from nowhere, I was fearless! It was awesome! And here we are. 

I am a cover for 2017, which in opera land is like an understudy. I will only go on if the performer I am covering cannot. But, March 2018, I am the performer! I will go on for EVERY performance! I absolutely cannot wait to begin this journey. Come see me at The Metropolitan Opera performing in Turandot

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