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Cowboys, Babies, Tributes, and Pirates

The last two weeks have been crazy! Work has been fast and furious as the next five shows in my season head into various states of production.


NYCO Rehearsal Theater

New York City Opera’s  La Fancuila Del West  goes into tech this week, and we move from our rehearsal theatre to Jazz At Lincoln Center’s Rose Ballroom tomorrow! I will be posting backstage and rehearsal updates this week.

I got to be the last person on stage when the company left and before load out, so clearly, I had to take a pic with the ghost light on. 

I realized this is only the second time that I will play a cowboy on stage. I have been in other shows with cowboys, but I have never been one. AND almost all of the other guys get to actually carry guns, but because of my fight choreography, I will have an empty holster. Let's just say it gets rowdy!


Where Angels Fear To Tread Logo

 I just started choreography on Where Angels Fear To Tread, Kit Goldstein’s newest musical. And, I am back with one of my favorite collaborators, director Kayla Friend of THML Theatre Company.

The interesting thing about this show, for me as a choreographer, is that the story takes place in numerous locations, but the writer has requested that the show be produced minimally with  only suggestions to locales established through technical design. That lens has allowed me to create movement for the performers that goes beyond story telling and delves into architecture and sensory awareness. IT has been a great expereience, and I am thrilled with the product. Coupled with dark themes and soaring music, it is going to be a gorgeous story. Read the synopsis and check out ticket info here.


Table Of Silence

I am proud to say I will be dancing in Buglisi Dance Theater Company's Table of Silence 9/11 Tribute for the fourh time this year.  The experience is awe inspiring, and I have been part of it every season that I possibly could be while living in New York. Jacqulyn Buglisi, creator, sums it up perfectly:

"The Table of Silence Project represents the common threads of humanity which unite all mankind into a single force with common goals and aspirations regardless of race, culture, or religion. Through this event, we wish to achieve the dual purpose of celebrating and honoring peace, through listening, a united moment of silence - a call for Peace in our world…"


Treasure Island at the Player’s Theatre is officially cast! After weeks of production preparation and three grueling rounds of singing and scene work, we have found the perfect company of actors to revive this wonderful off Broadway original work. The talent definitely does not stop there. After an amazingly inspirational meeting with our set designer, Elizabeth Chaney, I can confirm that there are plenty of treasures hidden in the script and the design of the set. I want to inspire the imagination of our child and adult audience member's minds as we take them of this literary journey in a play within a play, and I think that the design will do exactly that. I cannot wait to unveil this show!

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