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Dirty Dancing in the Park

This is not a drill! HBO's Summer Film Festival in Bryant Park on August 21, 2017, I will be dancing for PrimaDanceSport celebrating Dirty Dancing’s 30 year anniversary! Prior to the movie, we will be performing a short medley with music featured in the film and choreography inspired by the classic too! Some of my favorite things coming together! Amazing landmark park, DIRTY DANCING on the big screen, and performing with friends!!

Today was our first rehearsal, and it was a total blast! Just like Kenny Ortega’s original choreography, we are dancing everything from the mambo to the mashed potato. It was also a wonderful reunion, as I haven’t worked with PrimaDanceSport or in the ballroom scene in almost two years. Flexing those muscles was an intense mental and physical workout. After seasons of contemporary, modern, and musical theatre dance—complete with tumbling, I forgot how hard ballroom could be. It is just a completely different headspace. And this is an easy routine! The best part? I get to share it with one of my favorite people!!

Lana Neuman and I met two years ago at the first day of rehearsal for an international tour. But really, as many New York thespians will understand, we actually had already met…numerous times in the halls of in Pearl? Ripley? Nola? Who knows! But finally, we were in the same show together, and it was only the beginning. Today, on our two year Facebook “Frienderversary”, we serendipitously ran into each other again as we entered the building to begin our SIXTH production together!

I cannot wait to share this experience with EVERYONE. It is going to be so much fun! HBO will be streaming live too! So look out for that link. I will definitely try to post pics, videos, Snapchats, InstaStories, and all the things. But, if you can, come to Bryant Park August 21st at 5pm and come do some Dirty Dancing with me!

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